Instruction for closed wound or surgical incision care at home

You have a wound closed with non-absorbable sutures. Keep the wound clean and dry for _____ days following the procedure, after that you can have a shower and the sutured area may get wet. After a shower, there is no need to change the breathable surgical tape even if it gets wet, just gently pat the skin dry around the wound. Do not rub, pull or press the skin around the wound.You can have a sauna bath or a swim 24 hours after the sutures have been removed.


If the dressing is stained or bloody, change it but make sure your hands are carefully washed. Dressings and surgical adhesive tape are available at pharmacies. If you have a dressing covering the surgical tape, you can remove it in 1 to 2 days.Protect the wound with surgical tape until the sutures are removed.

To have the sutures removed from _________________ you have to make an appointment to see a nurse at your local health centre. After the sutures have been removed, you can apply surgical tape on the wound for 24 hours.

Contact your local health centre if, after the procedure / operation / removal of sutures

the wound continues to bleed

the wound opens

the wound is very hot, swollen or red

the dressing is stained with discharge and smells bad or you get a temperature

the wound starts to ache more or the pain continues